What is different with AMP email?

What makes AMP emails different from traditional HTML emails?

  1. You can use AMP components in emails, so you can do cool things like have a carousel, accordion, etc. You can’t use every component, but the list is extensive. This has never been possible with email before, since the components use JavaScript which has been disabled for emails.
  2. You can dynamically update emails. In my AMP course, I coded an email which sent subscribers a list of trucks on sale which were dynamically updated when the user opened the email via JSON and amp-list.For example, if you are having a flash sale, you, with AMP email, you can only show links to items that haven’t been sold out yet.
  3. New MIME type text/x-amp-html
  4. Using CSS - ordinary emails forbid you from using classes and writing CSS “inside” the email so we had to do it inline, but no more - just like you are writing the styles for a webpage, you write them for emails!
  5. Better user experience - since users can interact with the content inside the email, it is much easier than click on a link to site where you had to login and interact. Google is using this feature for Google Docs, where they allow you to write comments inside the emails!