Jonesboro, AR

SaaS UX Guru


A SaaS UX Guru (short for Software As A Service User Experience Guru) is someone who is not only expert in making sure users have excellent experience using a service, but also teaches others.

What is a UX Developer?

A UX Developer is someone who is tasked with crafting a user interface that makes the experience of the future user positive. For example, having to populate all the information in your CV after uploading it is bad user experience. A UX developer wouldn't allow this.

How is UX Guru Different From A UX Developer?

According to the Webster dictionary, a guru is: "a teacher and especially intellectual guide in matters of fundamental concern". While a UX developer may deliver what you need, a guru is someone who contains wisdom and teaches it to others, like I do. Also UX gurus never stop bettering themselves and constantly seek additional knowledge, while UX developers do less research and grow at a much lesser rate.

Can a UX Guru code?

Yes, they can take .psd or any blueprints and transform them into code.

What makes Stefany a UX Guru?

I write a lot about UX in my blog and in other platforms. I talk at conferences and advice numerous clients about UX every day. I also constantly do research, A/B testing and so on. My blog has reached over 2000+ readers. I experiment a lot with front end code, my latest tests include creating layouts without screen resolution media queries.

Not only that, but I guarantee an over 90 Lighthouse score on all websites I work on.