Jonesboro, AR


Screenshot of the homepage of Bella Acento

Bella Acento

Intricate and design heavy website for a famous luxury rentals company based in Texas. There were a lot of animations and transitions that had to be applied with an absolute precision. Since the company is focused on luxury items, the images I had to work with were extremely high quality but that also meant they were massive in size, so I had to optimize them to the max in order for the website to load fast.

    Screenshot of the homepage of Used Semi Trailers

    Used Semi Trailers

    The website lists over 7,000 trailers from various dealers in the Unites States. Fast and responsive, it has a complex inventory system and a hand-written scalable PHP inventory program.

    Screenshot of the homepage of ARPets Hospital

    ARPets Hospital

    Elegant and responsive website for a pets hospital in Brookland, AR. Super fast, it loads in about 800 milliseconds!

    Screenshot of the homepage of White River Health System

    White River Health System

    Updated the website's core & modules, fixed and added many features to their Advanced Practice Registered Nurses' system, like searching by their speciality, name, practice facility, etc.

      Screenshot of the homepage of Myshka Chiropractic

      Myshka Chiropractic

      Website for a local chiropractor with details about her services and how she treats her patients.

      Screenshot of the homepage of Cincinnati Truck Deals

      Cincinnati Truck Deals

      A fast and simple website for a truck dealer in Cincinnati, Ohio.

      Screenshot of the homepage of The PTCC Blog

      The PTCC Blog

      I created a blog for the Pine Technical & Community College (PTCC). It was built on the MODx content management system. I was given a responsive design and I had to closely follow it. I completed it with a back end for blog management. I also coded the sidebar containing a categories menu, search engine and a Facebook widget.

      Screenshot of the homepage of Marshall Dry Goods

      Marshall Dry Goods

      Updated the core + the plugins, integrated numerous shipping systems to work together, wrote a JS script to increase/decrease quantity before you add a product to the shopping cart.

        Screenshot of the homepage of Meta Inspired

        Meta Inspired

        A motivational & inspirational WordPress website, I made many changes to it, like adding a podcast section, making it responsive, and contributing many other ideas to it.

          Screenshot of the homepage of Tarsis


          Tarsis is a company that builds and sells apartments in Sunny Beach, Bulgaria. I made their website using a content management system, including a custom-made plugin that was used to build a separate CMS within that system for management of the flats that are for sale.

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