Jonesboro, AR


Myshka Chiropractic

Website for a local chiropractor with details about her services and how she treats her patients.

Cincinnati Truck Deals

A fast and simple website for a truck dealer in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Used Semi Trailers

The website lists over 7,000 trailers from various dealers in the Unites States. Fast and responsive, it has a complex inventory system and a hand-written scalable PHP inventory program.

ARPets Hospital

Elegant and responsive website for a pets hospital in Brookland, AR. Super fast, it loads in about 800 milliseconds!

Samuel's Constructions

Responsive website for a company offering home remodeling services. Clean & lightweight design using as few libraries as possible.

Bella Acento

Intricate and design heavy website for a famous luxury rentals company based in Texas. There were a lot of animations and transitions that had to be applied with an absolute precision. Since the company is focused on luxury items, the images I had to work with were extremely high quality but that also meant they were massive in size, so I had to optimize them to the max in order for the website to load fast.

    The PTCC Blog

    I created a blog for the Pine Technical & Community College (PTCC). It was built on the MODx content management system. I was given a responsive design and I had to closely follow it. I completed it with a back end for blog management. I also coded the sidebar containing a categories menu, search engine and a Facebook widget.

    Marshall Dry Goods

    Updated the core + the plugins, integrated numerous shipping systems to work together, wrote a JS script to increase/decrease quantity before you add a product to the shopping cart.

      White River Health System

      Updated the website's core & modules, fixed and added many features to their Advanced Practice Registered Nurses' system, like searching by their speciality, name, practice facility, etc.

        Meta Inspired

        A motivational & inspirational WordPress website, I made many changes to it, like adding a podcast section, making it responsive, and contributing many other ideas to it.