Designing above-the-fold area to sell

Takeaway: Add the main benefits and a short video above the fold.

Let me start with two rules - do not add a slider or a hero image. Sliders on the homepage are almost useless and hero images are just there because everyone uses them. I have seen pictures of pineapples, animals and weird illustrations that serve no purpose other than the owners thinking they are “cool”.

Defining the benefits we provide

Before we start, do you know the difference between features and benefits? If not, come back when you read my article.

Think of the top 3 benefits users get from your product - if you have users, run a survey. It is best to use real life data. If you have no clients, try to imagine the ways your product makes your customers lives easier and write it down. That’s very important.

Now jot down with big letter letters your unique selling proposition (USP). A unique selling proposition is what sets you apart from your compeition.It is super important. If you have never heard of it, read Dan Kennedy’s book The Ultimate Marketing Plan or his article and come back when you learn it.

So now that you have your unique selling proposition and your main 3 benefits, it is time to put them above the fold, aka the first place the user will see when they land on your page. Let’s say your SaaS posts on various social media outlets automatically, but with the twist it covers ALL social medias - okay, even MySpace. So our unique selling proposition will be “We post your content on all social media channels in the world” and the three main benefits are:

  1. Saving money
  2. Getting more customers
  3. Building trust

We didn’t just pull these points out of our bottoms - we know that posting automatically on various social medias saves time aka money - you only need to hire one social media manager instead of 10 or 20. You’d get more customers because since we post on all social medias, we reach people who normally don’t go to Facebook or Twitter and they will be able to see our latest promotions, coupons or sales. And we help build trust in your brand meaning the users would feel more connected by reading your posts each day.

See what we did there? Instead of using stupid, cookie-cutter slogans and pictures that make no sense, we came up with text and propositions to fit our company and helps the users understand what can be do for them. Remember, you are in business to help other people! Always think of others!

Adding an explainer video

Why is the video important? Because videos convert like crazy (when done right) and they help users understand our company better for a very short (and hopefully fun) time. Wyzowl, “77% of consumers say they’ve been convinced to buy a product or service by watching a video.”

Imagine you are the user who have just read our USP and benefits and is interested in finding out more. The traditional way would be long paragraphs full with stereotypical and dumb cliches like “we care about you” “we are the best” “10 years in business”. If you are looking for a faster way to chase away your visitors, please use them!

A better way would be to explains with good content features headings, sub-headings and lists showing you what a good idea it is to use the company, but there is the catch - users on the Internet, don’t read, they scan. So chances are they will skip your walls of texts.

Enter explainer video. All they have to do is press “play” and be entertained and learn how your SaaS can help them. It is important to make your video accessible - a lot of companies ignore this. At the very least, add captions and transcripts.

But I don’t have money to hire actors

I actually think whiteboard explainer videos and animated ones are better than their real life counterparts - you can make them colorful and fun. And after all, all the video is a tutorial. You don’t need an Avatar type budget for it. Just make sure it is under 2 minutes and it is made well.

Short text and video - killer above the fold selling concept

On the left you have text and on the right - video. Once the users have read the text and want to learn more they click the video. The video ends with a call to action to the pricing page and the user is a customer for life!

OK, that was very optimistic but the core idea is good - this is a killer combination for helping the user understand your product better. How many times have you landed on a page and not being able to get what they were trying to sell you?Thats because the webmasters used archaic methods of walls of texts or sliders full of stock images to try to show you what ? That they can copy and paste from other sites? That they just blindly bought 1000 photos??

When you have more money, get a group for testing, run an in-depth survey - and your above the fold will get even better!

Awesome explainer videos:

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