Ideas for AMP email

  • Flash sale email that only shows links to items that haven’t been sold out yet
  • Online truck marketplaces usually have a page with “wanted ads” basically people looking to buy a truck. Webmasters send emails with lists of those people with their phones and emails. Making them in AMP email, will only show the people looking to buy a truck that haven’t bought one yet, eliminating the annoyance of you calling people and them telling you they got a truck already
  • RSVP to events. You might be thinking “How hard is it to click a link???” People are busy and don’t have time to be clicking buttons. If they can accomplish the task in the email you will get more RSVPs.
  • Up-to-date prices and reviews. If you have a hotel booking business, sending users an updated prices, reviews and availability of the rooms will go a long way to build trust and they will be more enticed to book.

Some people say that AMP emails are dangerous since they are using JavaScript. Custom JS is disabled for the emails and only a handful components are allowed. Besides, even if a super evil hacker cracks AMP email HQ, email clients have dozens of protective systems in place to prevent malware.

Other arguments against it is that people “aren’t ready for dynamic emails” I certainly wasn’t ready for the cameras in the phones, but I got over it and here we are! Point is, you can’t “wait” for people to be ready for change, because they never will be. If that were the case, we’d still be living in caves.