In my free time, I like to read books (history, historical fiction, philosophy, classics), knit, decoupage, re-watch Star Trek, learn languages (programming and human). I like board games (Go, 1775, Exploding Kittens) and computer ones (Age of Empires, Final Fantasy, Bioshock) I am also a karaoke superstar :-)

I started as a full-stack developer - wanted to learn everything from Java to database design. As time passed, I realized I can’t be everything all at once so I switched to front-end development.

AMP Journey

I had to learn AMP for a project and I fell in love with it. Fast and accessible, and you could build complex websites without JavaScript, which was great for me since I wanted to focus on semantics and presentation.

I became an AMP developer, reading and practicing AMP all the time.

Accessibility Journey

Like every other web developer, I had a lot of misinformation about accessibility, thinking that it was only needed if your target audience is disabled. When I found out that most of the websites are inaccessible and that accessibility is the last thing on our minds, I read more about it and realized how vital it is for a good web experience.

Since then, I concentrate on creating accessible AMP websites.

MODx Journey

Like every other developer, my first CMS websites were made with WordPress. I disliked how easily they could be hacked and as I continued freelancing, I’d get requests from new clients to “clean their WordPress website from malware”. Almost every WordPress developer / webmaster I met had one or more websites hacked.

I also disliked how error prone WP was and how one little mistake can shut down your website.

Then I discovered MODx!

MODx is my favorite CMS and I use it when clients need to update the content themselves. It is so secure and fast!

For clients who don’t need to update their content themselves, I build static sites.

You can contact me in English, Bulgarian and Dutch. I can also understand Russian.