In early 2017, I had decided to migrate and re-design most of my websites to MODX, but I didn’t know how to proceed. Then I met Stefany who started working straight away and successfully created and launched more than twenty MODX websites for my company.

She has been incredibly reliable, and inventive, always coming up with new ideas to enhance my web presence. Stefany also introduced me to web accessibility. One time I had an emergency with one of my web hosts and she worked eleven straight hours until she managed to get my clients’ websites up again.

Further down the road, I decided to implement the Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) framework in order to enhance the search engine optimization (SEO) and site performance. Stefany was responsible in testing and building the AMP interfaces from the ground up, and marrying them with static site generators such as Jekyll. The result was faster webpages, consuming less bandwidth, with higher SEO rating.

So far I have been working with Stefany for almost three years and I recommend her to anyone needing web development services. She is very reliable, willing and able!

Stefany did a phenomenal job for us! She is an extreme professional and her skills are superb! She is attentive to every detail in your website and does a great job overcoming any bugs that need to be removed.

Our website needed to be made ADA compliant. If anyone needs their website to be made ADA compliant, look no further! Stefany will get the job done right for you.

Extremely polite, courteous, and very easy to work with! She wants to make you happy every step of the way! We were very fortunate to have such a professional take care of this for us!

Stefany removed the monkey that was on my back. I had struggled with online software to design a landing page for our business. Too much trouble and time.

After discussing ideas, pricing and terms we came to an agreement; the very same day she started designing our landing page. It was such a relief to have her take charge and begin the process. Our page looks great.

She is awesome. You will be well served by choosing Stefany.

l recommend Stefany Newman from Stefany Web Design as an excellent web designer due to my great experience working with her. Stefany created my website vughs.nl, twice. The design of the first website was great it was fast and suited my needs, however I needed a redesign as my objectives from being an artist went to be an author of E-books.

Interestingly she suggested using the modx platform - which I started a bit sceptic as the first design was good, only needed to change some small things - to be convinced with no regrets. The new platform in this day and age was a perfect solution – extremely easy to use and understand.

During both designs she really listened to my personal preferences, as long as I could provide her some explanatory bullet points or visual example she could easily manage to translate these into programming language. In addition, she was always happy to provide tips, tricks and advantages with taking my goals into consideration, something I can’t emphasize enough how great she is as an asset in this regard.

To elaborate, small details of adding a shopping cart icon, social media icons at specific pages, adding draft download buttons, foot notes, logo design formats, picture sizes, etc - things I wouldn’t really think about personally.

Therefore, I can really outsource the website design to her which gives me great focus on my own goals and precious time. In addition, Stephany also checked what other website authors were build up and suggested me which social media I should use to aid my self-publishing book exposure. All communication went through email, a project forum or Skype which were fine tools to use.

Finally, I probably would have waited longer taking the first step designing a website if I didn’t have met Stefany, as she provided me with enough information, motivation and confidence to start due to her easy down to earth personality.

My favorite part working with Stefany is her involvement in the project, to emphasize, she personally cares for a great success - which I think is essential for the best outcome. I Hope to have informed you sufficiently, and hope that you would consider her as your new web designer - rather a motivated designer which wants to push herself to the limits then one who is only doing it for the money right?

Stefany did an awesome job presenting an “SEO Review” for our company.

She was very thorough pointing out crucial errors, non crucial and making recommendations in order to enhance our website. I would highly recommend Stefany’s Web Design.

I’m so glad I hired Stefany to audit our websites. She did a very thorough job and offered great suggestions for improving the performance of our website. I highly recommend working with her!

Stefany Newman designed my dream website! I own a veterinary practice,ARPets Hospital, and in the process of opening, I knew that I would need to start a website. I went through the motions of purchasing a domain name and started trying to build a website on one of the many free sites that you will undoubtedly come across.

However, my specialty is in the field of veterinary medicine…not website building. Despite all my efforts and time spent trying to build a professional website, I could not get it to function correctly, perform quickly, or enable it to be mobile friendly. It was becoming frustrating and I felt that I was wasting more time than anything else by trying to do this alone. I needed guidance. I needed a tech professional.

I came across an email of Stefany Newman’s and her web design career synopsis. I browsed her very user friendly webpage, then I emailed her to setup a meet-and-greet.

Stefany was professional, punctual, and had many great tips that I had not considered. I told Stefany what I was looking for in a website and she delivered EXACTLY what I had requested. Stefany went above and beyond! To this day, Stefany contacts me to ensure that everything with the website is going well.

It is because of her that I have an efficient, user and mobile friendly website. She not only delivered before my set timeline, but she had everything exactly as I had wanted from the color scheme to the pictures to the layout; it was all perfect. She also offered and still offers guidance to me; I knew nothing about setting up a website before I met Stefany, now, because of her guidance, I keep mine updated regularly.

I highly recommend to anyone that is setting up a new website or needing fresh ideas on updating an existing website to contact Stefany Newman. She will deliver exactly what you need.

Sincerely, Dr. Kristin Sullivan

I needed a website and I had no idea where to start since I was just launching my business. Stefany was invaluable in helping me develop good ideas and then transforming them into a website that had proven very useful for me. I am a shoestring start up business and told here I needed something quick, easy, down and dirty so I could have a presence on the net.

She not only got what I needed but she understood my finances and gave me options to work with! Stefany is a pleasure to work with and a hard working programmer. She knew nothing about my industry but was quick to learn what she needed and very knowledgeable on how to make things go smoother for search engines and SEO’s (Search Engine Optimizers).

When the time comes to modify my website you can bet I will call her again!

Stefany does great work at MODx. She was able to go in and solve complex problems where others got stuck. She’s a pleasure to work with and a talented developer!